Sunday, July 10, 2016

What Does A Best Everyday Carry Knife Really Mean?

Honored as the Navy SEAL knife of choice and then developed for everyday applications, SOG is a full line of high-quality knives and tools that have higher innovation and design. Forged out of practice, toughened in the field, and refined for you, this is considered that no matter what your task or where you are – from the front door to the front lines – SOG is a knife that is considered the best everyday carry knife.
Known For
SOG is known as the global leader of unique uses for blades. All of SOG’s blades are:
  • Superior sharpness
  • Good Feel
  • Unique Styling
  • Excellent Balance
This is the purpose that the US Navy SEALs and other elite services choose to carry SOG blade on battle fronts all around the world.
Started In Vietnam
There is an absorbing story about these knives and it starts in Vietnam with a confidential US special operation unit MACV-SOG – packed a very exceptional combat knife in the jungle on secret missions. Around 1986, this knife motivated a designer, Spencer Frazer, to find SOG Specialty knives. What was his mission: to replicate the innovative SOG Bowie knife and at the same time to pay honor to the special ops unit that made it.
Work or Sunday
It is difficult to keep up with what the knife commonly carried will be called. The terminology has changed a lot! The knife that was kept in a pocket most of the time used to be called a “work” knife. Today, there are not as many individuals who actually do work with their knives as there once were.
Sunday called for a knife that was different and most knife owners had an inventory of 2 knife. Their so called “Sunday” knife were smaller, less likely to make a bulge in dress clothes and not likely to be needed for heavy-duty use while sitting in the church. Essentially many believe that the reasons Sunday knives were carried along to church was mostly because men did not feel totally dressed unless they had a knife somewhere on their person.
But today the terminology is different as there are no more work knives or Sunday knives—now, they are all general under the name of “everyday-carry” or as texting have taught most of us – EDC.

Everyday Carry
What is the perfect best everyday carry knife? Today, a knife’s requirements are diverse. Knives rarely need a 4-length blade for popping caps off a soft drink, opening a tin can of food, scraping wire, or repairing a harness. Today an owner of a knife is more likely to use his EDC for opening packages, or for light-duty cutting.
For many, the perfect best everyday carry knife is as elusive as the perfect backpack or cell phone. There are always features that others might like on the last knife and things someone wishes would come up with for the next one. No one has yet put all the extras that everyone would like in a single EDC knife.

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