Saturday, July 9, 2016

Tips For Shopping For Top Pocket Knives – Blade And Warranty

When looking at top pocket knives, it doesn’t take long to realize the hundreds there are and all different in some aspect. In order to make it easier to make a selection, they are usually divided up into different types. They usually start with tactical folding knives to gentleman’s pocket knives with everything else in between.
When looking at the top pocket knives, make sure that you follow several simple tips or you might be in for a shock. Pocket knives vary significantly in design so for that reason you need to pick one centered on your planned use and how it feels in both hands before you decide to buy it.
Unlike other online articles, this one is part personal review as well as part meta-review (meaning we researched the web and are reporting what others are stating about the top pocket knives). The last tip was from a friend and will benefit you as it will save you time and sore hands later on.
The top pocket knife is different for different people and depends on what your use for the pocket knife is. If you are thinking about using it for hunting, you will need a different knife than if you were planning on using it for everyday carries.
If you plan on carrying a knife every day, you must get a knife that has a good designed handle. Plastic handles can hurt your hands and give you blood blister after long, heavy use. Some handles will fade colors or warp when exposed to UV light; forget those if you are outdoors a lot. The knives reviewed all have high quality handles and are different one to another.
Believe it or not, a knife with a good brand name does matters. The names of the brand knives are, on one hand, more expensive than knives that are cheap but, on the other hand, will give you less problems as well as last longer.
For an example, Benchmade lets you send in any of their knives for as long as you own it back to the factory for refurbishment. They will re-sharpen the blade to the angle that is correct, adjust screws, replace worn parts and given it a factory shines. Non-name brand do not offer this.
On top of this, name brand knives give you better customer service. If you would like to sharpen a knife to factory condition at home, you can call the manufacture’s customer service number and ask about the angle the factory used for a certain model. They will give it to you; he might also give you insights about the knife that you didn’t know before – that was a friend’s experience with Cold Steel when he called them. Some brands names also issue lifetime warranties with their knives. This makes the $50-$100 deal in a good knife worth it.
When shopping for the top pocket knives also remember the blade. It needs to be a top of the line metal with a really sharp edge. In fact, many believe the blade it the most important item when looking for top pocket knives. A good blade and a good warranty make for a knife that will last you a long time.

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