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Rambo First Blood Survival Knife with Compass

Not many know about this, but first blood was actually a book written by David Morrell that was later released as a movie in the year 1980. John Rambo was played by Sylvester Stallone who also wrote the movie's screenplay. The idea of having a long mean looking survival knife with compass was Stallone's idea. The original character in the book did not carry a knife.

Stallone wanted a knife which was unique and has various original features like a hollow handle which could accommodate stuff, a compass fitted in the inside of the knife pommel that could be opened and a tooted knife which was plain on one side and serrated on the other. After first blood released, the idea of the Rambo survival knife with compass picked up and they became extremely popular. The revolutionary design of the first blood Rambo knife become an instant hit and a cult symbol among knife collections and knife enthusiasts.

Jimmy Lile - The Man Behind the Knife

The legendary knife maker Jimmy Lile was the one who designed the first blood knife for the movie. After reading the screenplay Jimmy came up with an unique concept of having a survival knife that has all features required by a person to survive in the wilderness. The jimmy lile first blood knife had fourteen split saw teeth which were part of the spine.

The following were some of the other features of the rambo1 knife:
  • Knife spine consisted of fourteen split saw teeth
  • The cross guard consisted of screw drivers that made into them
  • The cross guard had a hole for lashing
  • Knife handles were made with D2 steel and wrapped with nylon thread
  • The handle was hollow and watertight to keep survival stuff like match sticks, first aid, fish hooks and fishing lines
  • The handle cap opened to reveal a knife compass
  • The original knife set also came with a small folding knife
  • Original cowhide was used to manufacture the sheath

Dimensions of the First Blood Knife

Rambo 1 knife was quite long. The blade itself had a length of nine niches and featured a polished finish. The overall length of the knife was around thirteen inches which made it quite long and heavy. Some knives even featured a "skull crusher" pommel instead of a compass.

Making of the Rambo knife

The Rambo knife blade was originally made with D2 steel but some custom knife orders were made with 440c stainless steel which was more polished and hard. In addition to the blades the Rambo knife handles were also made using D2 steel and featured a nylon thread wrapped around them that gave the knife a great look and feel. Of-course the handle was completely waterproof irrespective of the nylon usage cause of the present of lacquer which was used for waterproofing.

Rambo first blood knife for sale

The Rambo survival knife with compass is manufactured by United Cutlery. This is the only company around the world that has license to manufacture the knife. In addition to the original knife, the company also offers a replica model of the knife for sale. This model is the UC-RBI and is slightly lengthier and heaver than the original knife.

Today the first blood knife is offered for sale in many outlets and can be purchased for a couple of thousand dollars unless the knife is a limited edition in which case the price of the knife could increase.

Before you go about buying the Rambo knife, make sure you read about these qualities of a good survival knife. This will give you an idea of which knife you can invest your money on because there are some good survival knives that are much better and helpful in survival missions that the Rambo knife ever could be.

The Knife Sequels

Just like the Rambo movie sequels, there were knife sequels too. These knives were made for the movies Rambo 2, 3 and 4 and become as popular as their original counterpart. The Rambo 2 and 3 knife were instant hit as survival knives and the Rambo four knife became hit as a collectors piece.  


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