Sunday, March 13, 2016

How To Choose The Right Butterfly Knife

How to Choose the Right Butterfly Knife

If you would like to ask questions from people on the internet in regards to the best knife that you should buy, do not expect to get clear and accurate responses. It may be true that it is difficult to tell which knife suits a person best, but here I will be providing you with accurate and clear information as to how to choose a butterfly knife.

One important thing that you should first take into consideration is on how you want to carry the knife. If you would like to have the knife in a sheath while it is not in use, then a fix blade knife should make the cut for you. Securing the sheath to one’s belt may not be everyone’s preference. For people who do not like to keep their knives in a sheath, then perhaps they want a knife that can be folded securely.

The next thing you should consider is size. A knife that’s 3 inches or smaller will most likely not elicit fear from your attacker, so it is advised that you do not buy knives that are as small as this. It might be quite normal to say that bigger is better, but be sure that you will not be carrying around a machete as this would absolutely be impractical and inconvenient. A blade that does not exceed a length of 5 inches is highly recommended.

Selecting the kind of blade for the knife is also an important factor. Straight blades are the most recommended type of blades. Straight blades were originally designed to be cut through the air in slashing motions during sparring, so if you discover that your knife does not scare away your attacker and you have to be in combat with him, then keeping a straight knife would be more beneficial. Blades that are serrated are best used for sawing some materials and you may find them to be quite futile in certain situations such as that mentioned above. Getting a blade which is both serrated and straight, and also passes for the other considerations would be a good pick.

In your selection process, you should also consider the local laws in your area in order for you to be sure that you will not be violating any laws. Think about how much of a hassle it would be to be thrust into jail for the mere reason of sporting a knife that is prohibited by the law.

A summary of all the criteria mentioned previously:

1. Select a knife that’s either fixed or can be folded.
2. Choose a blade size of between 3” and 5”.
3. Choose a knife that’s either plainly straight, or is both straight and serrated.

Ensure that the knife you buy will be useful in helping you preserve lives.

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