Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Browning Hunting Knives, One Of a US Heritage

Browning was founded by John Browning in Ogden, Utah. John Browning began as an arms producer, his first product being a single shot rifle. That was in the year 1878. With the help of his brothers, John Browning established an arms factory. John Browning has produced and patented several guns such as the first semi-automatic pistol. Knives were added to the list of Browning products in the middle of the 20th century. Throughout the 20th century, Browning continued to produce guns and added several other things to their line of products. They produce cases, lights, gun safes as well as technical clothing.

Browning makes knives that are designed in the US but are produced in China. They sell a wide variety of knives from kitchen knives to outdoor/survival. As far as their product range for hunting is concerned, it depends on the price range you are considering. Their official website has a good sorted navigation menu where you can search by price, blade type, and even usage of the knife. For example, you can search for knives suited for big game hunting, birds, fishing, general purpose, etc. There is no mention of warranty on knives directly on their website. They have a neat index of descriptions of various types of blade steels, which you can access by visiting the following link:

Almost all Browning knives are designed by Russ Kommer, the custom knifemaker from Fargo, North Dakota. On Amazon, there aren’t a lot of user reviews for this brand. Some of the lower end products are not rated well but the number of reviews counted are negligible. At the time of this writing, Browning has 39 fixed-blade knives and 77 folders. At first glance, the folders do not look like they have a strong pivot. Some of the folding knives by Browning do not have a lock mechanism for holding the blade in place. So if you prefer that, you might want to look for a stronger product in their range or go with a fixed-blade knife.

Some of the folders are quite thick and might not be for you if you prefer a thin folder. Some of them aren’t very light as well. But they can get the job done. Do not go for the lower priced models if you are a regular hunter. Another important thing to note is that you will not get any sheath with folding blade Browning knives. The materials used for the handle of Browning knives are stag, exotic woods, bone, Zytel, linen and canvas Micarta, G-10, carbon fiber as well as aircraft grade aluminum. You can check out the chart of materials used in their knives by visiting the following link:

Overall, Browning is a decent manufacturer of knives, although you might want to check out the knife range of other manufacturers if you wish to buy just a fixed-blade knife, or if you want a sheath along with a folder in case you are considering a folding-blade knife. Browning has more folders than fixed-blades.

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