Monday, April 20, 2015

Where did the Best Japanese Kitchen Knives Come From?

Japanese Kitchen Knives
I learned from friends and fellow foodies about the pleasure of using Japanese kitchen knives. If you’ve gotten yourself a high-quality Japanese cutlery, most probably they are manufactured from Sakai. For your information Sakai is the capital of samurai sword manufacturing since the 1300s.

Other places famous for its kitchen knives is Seki, Gifu which today is considered the home of modern Japanese kitchen cutlery. Here, where most of the major cutleries producing companies are based, produce the highest quality kitchen knives both in the traditional Japanese and western style.

Miki City is another famous center which is well known throughout Japan for its knife making traditions. If you’re looking for knives mainly for their craftsmanship’s, you might want to buy knives made from this city.

There’s a vast differences between western and Japanese knives. If you browse through the knives’ aisle in your local stores or in websites selling them, you would notice that most Japanese knives are single ground. You would come across knives that are angled from both sides.
Japanese Kitchen Knives

There are also those which are only angled from one side and its other side of the blade being flat. These knives have edge ranging from 70/30 for the average chef’s knife to the 90/10 for professional sushi chef’s knives.

What these numbers signifies are the degree of ground on the right and left blade of the knives. For the 70/30 say, they are manufactured to have 70 percent of it is ground on the right hand side of its edges while the remaining 10 is ground on its left.

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