Sunday, April 19, 2015

Types of Kitchen Knives and Their Specific Uses

There are many different types of kitchen knives available in the market, each one specific for one function. The following are the most popular types of kitchen knives:

1.) Chef Kitchen Knife
Chef Kitchen Knife

These types of kitchen chef knives come with a triangular blade which may be around eight to nine inches in length. There are many different variations to the chef kitchen knife, the most popular ones being the French, Chinese, Japanese and German style kitchen knives.

Typical used for chopping, mincing and slicing, the knife is the perfect friend of any cook, be it a professional chef or a house cook. As it has a triangular blade the chef knife can be used to chop with easy using a rocking motion.

The chef kitchen knife is by far the most widely used knife in the kitchen around the world.

2.) Paring Kitchen Knives:
Paring Kitchen Knives

Next in line are the paring kitchen knives that are relatively smaller in size can come with a blade of around three to four inches in length. The paring kitchen knives are mostly used for peeling fruits and veggies. They can also be used to trim meats and carry out other cutting that does not require much force.

3.) Serrated Kitchen Knives
Serrated Kitchen Knives

Also known as bread knives, this type of kitchen knives come groovy edges that replicate the saw. Generally plastic kitchen knives have serrated edges. They are generally used for cutting bread and other delicate food materials. Delicate fruits like tomatoes can also be cut easily using a serrated knife.

4.) Utility Kitchen Knives
Utility Kitchen Knives

These are small kitchen knives that have varied uses. The utility kitchen knives are also known as sandwich knives considering their nature of use.

5.) Boning Kitchen Knives
Boning Kitchen Knives

The major use of a boning kitchen knife is to cut mean and separate meat from the bones. These knives are typically five to six inches in length and can either be straight or curved.

6.) Butcher knives
Butcher knives

As the name implies they are heavy knives that are generally used to cut large pieces of meat. They are around eight to nine inches in length and are very heavy. These knives are generally not used around the household

7.) Cleaver Kitchen Knives
Cleaver Kitchen Knives

This the best type of kitchen knife when it comes to cutting through meat and bones. This knife can have straight or curved edges and resembles the Chinese chef knife.

8.) Steak Knife
Steak Knife

The steam knife is not a kitchen knife; it is more a dining table knife and is used when serving meats.

9.) Decorating Knife
Decorating Knife

A decorating kitchen knives are mainly used to decorating food especially fruits. They come in various shapes like the zigzag patter.

In addition to these there are many other types of knives like the fillet kitchen knife which is used to prepare fish, ham slicer knife, peeling knives, trimming knives, fluting knives and cheese knives.

10.) Folding kitchen knives
Folding kitchen knives

This type of kitchen knife can be folded and kept after use. These are generally smaller in size and can be used mainly for peeling purposes. Folding kitchen knives have an added advantage as you don't have to worry much about storing them.

11.) Small battery-operated kitchen knives
Small battery-operated kitchen knives

Battery operated kitchen knives are the latest kitchen knives to hit the market. They come with rechargeable batteries that are stored in the handle of the knife. They are equipped with groovy edges that are movable.
These are the different types of kitchen knives available in the market. Generally a kitchen knife set will include all these knives. All these knives can be made using different materials as we saw before.

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