Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Safety Tips for Japanese Kitchen Knives

Safety Tips for Japanese Kitchen Knives
Whenever I bought myself new stuff for my kitchen, euphoria will be in the air! Yes, excited and all. I can’t wait to unwrap my Global’s knives as if Santa had just dropped them through the chimney. I know, its KNIVES that I’m dealing with not some Lego toys.

The kitchen can be a minefield if you’re not careful enough with how you store and handle your kitchen items, what more with Japanese Kitchen Knives. There are things that you should bear in mind to avoid having those dreaded cuts on your fingers or worse. The following are some of them:

Get them really sharp
The wise man advises us to keep our sexy steels sharp, he means really sharp. You might wonder, wouldn’t it be more dangerous if it’s sharper? On the contrary. It’s logic defying for this one. Apparently you need less effort to slide through the meat or the raw material you’re working on if your knife is really sharp. Otherwise, you need to exert more force hence exposes you to real danger of getting yourself cut.
Safety Tips for Japanese Kitchen Knives

Point the Steely Steve away
Whenever you’re handling any sharp gadgets or materials, always bear in mind to angle the sharp part away from your fingers and your body. The same goes with your knives, always remember to angle the blades away from you when you do your cutting.

Never do your cutting on surfaces other than a board
Safety Tips for Japanese Kitchen KnivesI’m sure you had those times when your cutting boards just don’t want to stay put. They just seem to move all over the place and more so if your countertop is wet. To avoid this, all you got to do is place a damp towel or a paper towel under your cutting board. This would prevent it from moving.

Wash and Store
For protection, make sure to store them away in a knife block. Not only do you save your fingers from unnecessary cuts, you also prevent damages to the blades of the knives.

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