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Importance of Japanese Chef Knives

Importance of Japanese Chef Knives
Japanese chef knives are taking the kitchen scene by a storm, particularly in TV shows. The three main types of Japanese knives include: the deba, the usubu and the yanagiba. Due to the rising popularity of these knives however, one of the biggest problems associated with buying them is forgery. Therefore, it is important for users to be able to distinguish original knives from fake ones.

To distinguish between real and fake knives, keep the following tips in mind:

  •     Real Japanese chef knives are unbendable
  •     They have extremely sharp edges
  •     They are light weight
  •     Have sturdy, non flexible steel blades
Having Japanese chef knives in your kitchen is a must, especially if you love cooking Japanese food. The knives are found in a variety, but there are some that outshine others.

Sushi Knife

Amongst Japanese knives, Sushi knife is the best. This knife is used at homes and by professionals. You can also use the knife for de-veining shrimps and for delicately cutting vegetables. The Sushi knife is light weight, is approximately 180mm in length and has a thick blade of 1.5mm. The weight of the knife is 55 gm.
Importance of Japanese Chef Knives

Santoku Knife

The Santoku knife is also one of the most widely used Japanese knives across the world. Santoku is used for slicing bigger portions of vegetables/fruit. It is also able to dice and mince the ingredients in a fast manner. Santoku is a great knife for households.

Japanese chef knives are must-have kitchen utensils as they simplify the cooking process. You can purchase a Japanese knife for somewhere between $69 to $80. Japanese knives are extremely durable and offer right value for money. They are the sharpest knives, best used for slicing delicate food items such as shrimps, sushi and prawns. However, before choosing one, you should always do your research and keep the aforementioned tips in mind to avoid spending your money on a fake knife.

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