Monday, April 20, 2015

How To Choose The Best Japanese Kitchen Knives

How to choose the best Japanese kitchen knives
Great kitchen knives are made for great investment. I don’t know of anything else, the things in my kitchen that matter most other than an impeccable functioning shining knives. It may not matter to you but if you’re passionate about cooking or aspire to be a professional in the industry, they make a difference between a cut above or under.

Besides, how else are you going to make that perfect slices of sashimi without great Japanese kitchen knives. To me, if you want to invest in something you might as well get the best. It depends on your requirements and preferences though. Personally I’d choose them according to the most important features followed by the others. The following is such a list:

Edge retention ability
The knives that would get the coveted place in my kitchen will be those which after years when I bought them would be as sharp as ever. This is known as the edge retention ability of these knives. No matter how often you sharpen them, they cut through the meat like the first day you use them.
How to choose the best Japanese kitchen knives

Made from the finest material
If you ever have doubts on the quality of the materials of the knives that you are about to buy, abort the mission. It’s just not worth the big bucks you spend. The most important feature of the material would be that it must be corrosion resistant. If you would like your knives to last longer then take heed of this advice. Not only that, it would make them look forever young i.e. pleasant to look at after years of use.

If you’re not comfortable with using a knife no matter how expensive they are, little use it will be to you. A good knife should be comfortable enough for you to handle. When it is otherwise, it will affect the quality of your cuts and slices which translates to poor food, sushi wise.

The point of having good quality knives are so that you can perform difficult tasks while in the kitchen with as little effort as possible. Say, you’re having your having your other half to come over to your place and help you cook. You don’t want to be embarrassed when you can’t chop the trout head off with the so called expensive Japanese knife. So, get yourself knives that offer you the best of strength.
How to choose the best Japanese kitchen knives

Make sure they look cool
You can’t discount this one. It’s a no-no. An expensive ensemble shouldn’t come with an ugly face. Not only would they look unattractive, they make you less professional as well.

These are just the list of things that definitely I’d look for when buying kitchen knives, especially Japanese kitchen knives. However, you might be of a different opinion. The first thing I’d look for might be the last one in your list. So, do your research. You might unearth the perfect knife for your kitchen with just a few clicks away.

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