Famous Pocket Knife Brands

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Title : Famous Pocket Knife Brands
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Famous Pocket Knife Brands

A pocket knife is a foldable utility knife that has one or more blades. The pocket knife, as the name suggests, is small enough to fit inside the pocket. Pocket knives are versatile tools and they are usually part of the regular hunting knife sets.
There are different types of pocket knives including:
  •   Barlow
  •   Canoe Knife
  •   Camper or Scout
  •   Sunfish
  •   Sodbuster
  •   Trapper
  •   Stockman
  •   Whittler
Each type of pocket knife has its own use. Some pocket knives are used for hunting while other types of pocket knives are used by electricians and mechanics.
Here are the famouspocket knife brands in the market today:

1. Schrade Knives – Schrade is one of the biggest pocket knife manufacturers in the world today.

Famous Pocket Knife Brands

2. CRKT Knives –Columbia River Knife and Tool or CRKT is an American company that manufactures high quality knives.

3. Victorinox Knives – Victorinox is probably the most popular among pocket knife brands in the world today. It is the first producer of what we now call the famous Swiss Army Knife. The company was founded by Karl Elsener in 1884.

Famous Pocket Knife Brands

4. Buck Knives – This pocket knife manufacturing company was founded in San Diego, California by Hoyt H. Buck.

Famous Pocket Knife Brands

5. Emerson Knives – This pocket knife brand was founded by Ernest Emerson in 1996. Ernest is a well-known custom made knife designer. This company produces pocket knives for the US military and knife collectors.

6. Case Knives – This brand is usually used by professionals and knife experts. This company has been producing high-quality and well-crafted knives for more than 100 years.

Famous Pocket Knife Brands

7. Benchmade Knives – This is one of the most popular and biggest knife producers in the United States. This company is based in Oregon.

Famous Pocket Knife Brands

Although most pocket knife manufacturers are based in US, there are a lot of pocket knife Australiabrands that are available in the market today.

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