Saturday, March 21, 2015

Butterfly Knives Trick and Tips

A butterfly knife is commonly known as the balisong. It is a folding pocket knife that has two rotating handles. When closed, the blade is concealed. It is also often called Batangas knife, as it is believed to have originated in Batangas, Philippines.Butterfly knives are commonly used for self-defense. They are also used as a pocket utility knife that people carry around in case of emergency.

The knife is illegal in some countries and it is often used to commit crimes. But, butterfly knifes tricks and manipulations called “fanning” or “flipping” are often performed for amusement or art.

There are various butterfly knife tricks. For beginners, it is best to learn how to safely and properly open and close the knife. It is also best to start learning the tricks using a trainer knife. More often, the trainer knife is just as good as the real thing.

Here are some of the popular balisong knife tricks:

1.   Flick opening – This is one of the most basic tricks. To do this amazing trick, you need to flick your wrist to lift the bite handle. The safe handle is spun simultaneously. By this time, the back of the blade and the bite handle are at the back of your hand. You need to flick your wrist back to open the knife.

2.   Pinwheel – This is one of the most favorite tricks of butterfly knife enthusiasts. The knife should be in the horizontal position when you start this trick. You have to make sure that the tang pins are pointed to your thumb. So, hold the safe handle and then drop the bite handle. Then, you need to flip the bite handle around and shift your grip and then snap it to the closed position.

3.   Aerial tricks –There are many aerial tricks that you can try using a butterfly knife. Aerial tricks are fun and easy to learn.

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