Thursday, September 30, 2010

Singapore Changi Airport -- Quick Notes

Singapore Changi Airport

-- A show of force was on display, presumably because of the alleged European terror warnings. When we came off the flight from Phuket, all passengers were directed to a security station with easily 40 guards, many of whom were arrayed to stare at us as we walked down the corridor. I've been through this airport more than a dozen times, but I've never seen that level of visible security.

-- I'm usually going through Terminal 1, so I've forgotten what a palace the new Terminal 3 is. It's spotless. There's a playground and a free movie theater. Free internet (which I'm using right now). There's a table with crayons and drawing paper for the kids. There are readouts which display the temperature. This airport even smells nice.

I'm not saying a fully developed democracy has to build every major airport to rival that of this authoritarian state. But U.S. airports could at least be in the same game, since the same league seems out of the question.


Blogger Matt Champagne said...

Well, yeah, but at least we've got the "show of force" thing down, right?

12:41 AM  

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