Monday, June 14, 2010

Trip Report: Thai Airways flight 201 from Bangkok to Phuket

Phuket, Thailand

I looked across the taxiways of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport and thought, “I bet my plane is that tub parked on the other side of the terminal.”


The flight from Bangkok to Phuket is only 50 minutes, but it’s such a high-volume route that Thai International Airways uses a widebody. Sometimes it’s an old, rickety 747, but today it was an old, creaking 777. The plane bore the carrier’s outdated, light purple livery. Some faceless manager inside THAI had decided the route wasn’t worth a paint job.

The manager was probably right. The flight to Phuket is a scribbled afterword. My fellow passengers had debarked overnight flights from Sydney, Copenhagen, Los Angeles and Frankfurt. We were all groggy and just wanted to arrive at our final destinations. So THAI strategically skimped.

The in-flight service was fine, though. The flight attendants passed out boxed lunches consisting of a flavorless fish filet sandwich -– when it comes to mass-produced fishy food, flavorless is good -– a slice of Puff & Pie brand pound cake, and a Thai drink labeled "20% Mixed Fruit Juice."

Then I watched the landscape turn from farmland to coastland to islands. Then we landed.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Food and drink on a 50-min flight? (Even lame food and drink?)
Damn, that's high-class all the way, bro.

2:40 AM  

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