Tuesday, May 04, 2010

One Day in Transport

Sherman Oaks, California

I woke up at a hotel in Kenmore Square, Boston, and proceeded to:

➊ Ride an MBTA Green Line C train to North Station ($1.70) (pictured, in 1988);

➋ Ride the MBTA commuter rail to Newburyport($7.75);

➌ Take a taxi to (lovely, revitalized) downtown Newburyport ($5.00);

➍ Walk around lovely, revitalized Newburyport (free);

➎ Take a taxi to the C&J bus station ($5.00);

➏ Ride the C&J bus from Newburyport to Boston Logan airport ($21.00);

➐ Fly United flight 167 from Boston to LAX ($2.50; redeemed miles, plus processing fee);

➑ Ride the LAX Flyaway bus to its station in Van Nuys ($7.00); and

➒ Take a taxi the 8 miles to my house ($25, plus $5 tip).

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Blogger moi said...

In many countries, such a day would not be worthy of a blog entry...

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice little tour, and an example of how "cheap" public transportation can drain your wallet dry...

3:00 AM  

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