Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Newburyport Posts Blocked in China!

The political party that maintains the world's largest standing army is terrified of a Massachusetts blogger named Tom Salemi.
Newburyport Posts, a blog devoted to politics and life in the New England seaside town of Newburyport, is blocked in the Chinese mainland.
"All attempts to reach www.newburyportposts.com from Shanghai return a 'Bad Request' page written mostly in Chinese," said fellow blogger Paul Karl Lukacs. "Clearly, the Chinese Communist Party is scared of running dog counter-revolutionary Salemi and his democratic, bottom-up suggestions regarding fencing on bike paths."
"China probably just blocks every page hosted by Blogger," said Salemi, in a quote which Lukacs made up while drinking tea in a Huangpu District cafe.


Blogger Tom Salemi said...

Damn, that means I'm missing out on like one million potential readers.

Two million?

How big is China again?

1:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike is in China right now!!! how will he find out about the neighborhood yard sale??? But I have to say I'm impressed: i'd love it if my thoughts and musings were perceived as a threat to 1 billion people. right now, they're only a threat to one. and he's in china! weeeeird....


5:34 AM  

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