Friday, March 05, 2010

Read My Friend's Blog: Uninformative Priors

Sherman Oaks, California

I've known Mike Manti since September 1984, and I still don't understand what he does for a living. It has something to do with banking and computers and statistics and using Greek letters to represent numbers when everyone knows that Greek letters should only be used to make Greek words and sentences.

His new blog for civilians is Uninformative Priors, which includes posts about libertarianism and statistics and bitching tortas. A side blog hosted by Wordpress focuses on economics and numbery kinda stuff.

In a recent post, Mike discusses our hometown of Cleveland, Ohio:

Few of my memories of Cleveland the place are fond. I'm too young to remember the Cuyahoga River burning when the pollution in the river ignited. But I do remember dead fish floating in the mud-brown water and the sulfuric stench rising up from it when my grade school took us on an educational tour of the river on the Good Time II paddleboat.
He's not optimistic that the city can revive itself. I think it could. The infrastructure for a Midwest Portland is present, with parks and universities and affordable wooden houses with character and an airport that's a Continental hub.

But it won't happen. As with most shrinking cities -- and Cleveland has lost half its population in the last two generations -- a cabal of politicians, public employees and connected unions and businesses will fight to hold onto their piece of the pie. Most of these Rust Belt towns are going the way of Frank Miller's Sin City, and what has Cleveland done to avoid the fate?

I gave up on Cleveland when I was 12, and I've never found a reason to re-think.

Pictured: I can't find an online photo of Mike, so a cover featuring the libertarian superhero The Question will have to do.



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Thanks for the shout-out, Paul!

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