Sunday, March 14, 2010

One Thing I Don't Like About Asia

Many of the shopping malls in East and Southeast Asia have multiple storeys which, if you are as scared of heights as I am, is a problem. Pictured is the apm Mall in Hong Kong, which is by no means unusual in its design.



Blogger TheAgentOfTruth said...

i find them fascinating, and hope to get a chance to see one in person sometime soon. a phenomenon unique to urban asia, where space is either very limited/at a premium, or simply managed quite well, these malls really look like 'destinations' - where you make a whole, big day/date out of your mall experience; food, shopping, movies, more food, more shopping. not that i'm really into the mass commercialization/consumerism of society thing. but i'd really like to witness the whole 'goings on' of such an environment once or twice . . .

2:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have visited a few of these in China and Japan.
They were as imaginative and creative as American malls are stale and predictable.

Oh, and LAX sucks. ( Was just there and had to slip that in...)

8:20 AM  

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