Monday, November 16, 2009

Sherman Oaks, California

An Onion-like site called Not The Nation posted a satirical piece on the invisibility of Western women in Thailand:

Female Expat Maintains Positive Self-Image Despite Living in Thailand

Canadian Martha Herkimer has surprised experts and local residents by defying a long-established pattern and successfully maintaining a positive attitude and image of herself while living in Thailand.

Despite several years in a largely male-dominated community that constantly issues unspoken but unmistakable negative evaluations of her appearance and general worth in comparison to local women, Herkimer, who is from London, Ontario, has somehow not internalized such criticisms and avoided the precipitous plunge in self-esteem that most white females experience after moving here . . . .

"She seems pretty nice. I don't really know her that well," said Matthew Broadus, 28, who has worked in a cubicle beside Herkimer for two and a half years. "What's her name again?"

But experts caution that Herkimer may be heading for a breakdown. "It's almost inconceivable that she can remain totally unaffected by how poorly her sweaty, hulking figure compares to those of the much more slender and lithe Thai women who surround her," says Dr. Thanawat Tepchai, a clinical psychologist. "I mean, how can she not be sickened by her blotchy face and hairy forearms when everyday she must witness the smooth, faultless skin of the local women that all her male friends date?"

The name of the site, Not The Nation, is a play on the English-language Bangkok newspaper The Nation.

Pictured: Three reasons why white women who move to Bangkok become invisible.

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Anonymous Cocky said...

She should just move her hulking, cottage cheese ass back to Canada and live off the government.

7:21 AM  

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