Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why I Don't Take Public Transport

Sherman Oaks, California

Due to a set of circumstances I will leave opaque, I had to travel today from LAX to my house in Sherman Oaks by public transport. This was the procedure:

Wait 15 minutes on a polluted curb outside Terminal 3 for an LAX FlyAway bus.

Ride the LAX FlyAway bus to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles (which took about 25 minutes).

Wait about 15 minutes for a Red Line subway train.

Ride the train thirteen stops to the North Hollywood station (about 30 minutes).

Wait about 15 minutes for an Orange Line bus.

Ride the Orange Line bus to the Valley College station (about 5 minutes).

Walk four huge, suburban blocks to my house (about 15 minutes).

Whole thing: $9.50, which is fine, and two hours, which is not.

(If you are a supporter of public transport, you should read the most accurate article ever written on the topic.)

Pictured: The Orange Line in Los Angeles is not a subway. It is a separate road in the San Fernando Valley on which only Orange Line buses operate.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

By coincidence, design or conspiracy, most of our modern cities are not made for public transport. LA area especially. But on the east coast, due to the population density, it makes a lot more sense in a lot of places, even if you would still want a car for running errands on the weekend or whatever.

2:41 AM  
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6:51 AM  
Blogger grumpypuppet said...

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2:09 AM  
Anonymous mandy said...

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