Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Easier For Attractive, Young Women To Be Thrifty

Sherman Oaks, California

The New York Times has published an interview article with author Lauren Weber, who espouses a philosophy of cheap travel - which I'm all for.

Some of the comments chide her for being smug, but my criticism is about her belief in a total lifestyle of frugality. She appears to be missing the highly gendered nature of status-seeking spending.

An attractive young woman like Ms. Weber can afford (pun) to drive a jalopy, live in a dump and wear pedestrian clothes. As long as she keeps her figure, men will line up to rap with her.

But a young, unmarried man runs a serious risk of being shut out of the mating game for being too cheap. If he refuses to surround himself with totems of success, many women will be turned off.

I once debated this point with a female co-worker. My position was that a man who spends more than $500 a month on a fancy car would have less money to spend on the lady; therefore, it's in a woman's self-interest to date a man who doesn't buy status symbols.

My co-worker's response was that the logic was irrelevant. The man with the more expensive lifestyle was more attractive.

So, young men of the world, it might be best to ignore Ms. Weber's advice.


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