Friday, August 07, 2009

Breaking: Reporter Writes About Conjectures Based On Innuendo

Sherman Oaks, California

Reporter Steve Henn of American Public Media's Marketplace radio program today submitted one of the worst pieces of newswriting I've heard this year.

Henn's report is entitled "Are Lobbyists Behind Recent Protests?," and the focus is on whether pharma companies or other large health care interests are financing or coordinating various nationwide protests against President Obama's health care legislation.

That's a good question, but Henn never answers it. He has no evidence that the protests are anything other than a grass roots rally by citizens who oppose the president's plans.

Instead, Henn's sources state that the country's campaign finance laws are so weak that a corporate lobby could concoct a phony movement without having to disclose the fact. Again, Henn has no evidence that this is happening, only conjecture that it could. And, by an amazing coincidence, the conjecture fits congruently with this week's push by the Democratic National Committee to paint opponents of the president's proposals as extreme and inauthentic.

Henn didn't have the story, so why did the producers of Marketplace allow his half-baked report to air? My conjecture is that it's what public radio's left-leaning audience wanted to hear, which could be true.


Anonymous Bob Edwards said...

now wait just a cotton-pickin' second here. i will not sit idly by as NPR is labeled some kind of tool of the liberals. i mean get serious!

one of the funniest home-grown political comments i've ever heard came from the author of this blog. it was during the clinton impeachment hearings, and paul said he would know it was over if he "turned on NPR and they were playing music."

with this new revelation you have "blown the lid of nookie," as it were.

11:26 PM  

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