Monday, May 11, 2009

So Cool It Can't Last

Sherman Oaks, California

Book parties in Delhi are public events, according to Tripti Lahiri of The New York Times. You may have to work a little to find the date and location, but, once you do, it's a snap to get in.

Cool, but it can't last. Publicists justify their fees by creating
needless barriers and exclusions. Once there's real money to be made in the Indian book publishing business, publicists will limit access to events in the name of "protecting the client's brand." Admission to a book party will become a status symbol, incentivizing current and wannabe insiders to work within the PR system. Then the private security people will reinforce the barriers.

So the book people in Delhi should enjoy the openness. It won't be there in a few years.

Pictured: Delhi Bookseller.



Blogger moi said...

Yes, people in Delhi should savor the openness. In Bombay, things are exactly as you predict they'll be in Delhi. If you're not an author promoting his/her book, the other reasons to go to a book event in Bombay would be that you have an invitation, you enjoy the company of vacuous socialites and vapid conversation, free alcohol (all but 2 Indian wines are terrible), and you like being seen at such events.

I'm hopeful that things won't turn out as you predict in Delhi, because that city has gone from being a sequestered, elitist society to being much more lively and cosmopolitan in the past 10-15 years (Bombay seems to be moving in the opposite direction). The middle class in Delhi is more vibrant than a decade ago, and more a part of the cultural and intellectual scene (unlike Bombay, Delhi has an intellectual scene).

4:24 PM  
Anonymous John Cheever said...

could we have a new post please? this one is getting stale.

5:33 AM  

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