Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gone But Still Appreciated

Sherman Oaks, California

Tuesday, January 13th, would have been the 78th birthday of Charles Nelson Reilly.

To readers under 35: Charles Nelson Reilly was a comedian known for his ubiquitous appearances on talk shows during the 1970s. Although he could hold his own as a performer (see this famous bit with Johnny Carson) and as a panelist on Match Game, he was known to every talk show booker in Los Angeles as a guy you could call at the last minute to fill out a show.

Reilly always had something interesting or amusing to say. He was the kind of guy you'd be happy to listen to over dinner. That may seem a small thing, and it was, but he did it well. Many of today's celebrities can't string two sentences together, as evidenced by these Letterman segments with Kristen Stewart and Lauren Conrad.

Charles, we miss you.


Anonymous Somban L. Matsu said...

>>He would be a guy you'd be happy
>>to listen to over dinner.

Where are you getting that? Don't you think Charles Nelson Reilly would drive you nuts over dinner? Also isn't it a bit strange that the culture's first broad exposure to homosexuality was via career game-show celebrities like Reilly and Paul Lynde?

Paul this is a very peculiar post.

9:56 AM  

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