Thursday, November 06, 2008

Read My Friend's Blog: Glenn Cratty Edition

Sherman Oaks, California

Glenn Cratty, professional photographer and father of two, has something to say. Some of it involves Election Day soundtracks and a preference for Rage Against The Machine.

Glenn (pictured) has launched a blog, Long Live the Fighters, joining the Blogspot family. He promises to post daily, to which experienced bloggers respond, "Sure, Glenn."

BTW, if you do a Google Image search of "Glenn Cratty," you don't find head shots of the man himself; you find dozens of hockey photos he took while working for Allsport. Cool.



Anonymous Roger Ochoa said...

Paul - Could you post something about how you yelled at someone? Those are my favorites.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous J.D. Klarfeld said...

i was just perusing the blog's early posts, looking for ones that i remembered because those would probably be where my comments are appended.

reading through, i was reminded of a recent commenter who urged you to get back to first principles. i second that completely. you need to remember what made this blog great, and reorient yourself around that special spirit.

peter, whatever happened to the days when this kind of advice was the rule and not the exception on the "knifetricks" blog? --

"Carrying your passport increases the risk that it will be lost or stolen. It could fall out of your pocket."

8:42 AM  

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