Tuesday, September 09, 2008

No Pain

Bangkok, Thailand

No pain.

That's the incredible part.

I heard horror stories from friends about the post-operative pain. I've had almost none.

The worst was directly after the surgery, when the anesthesia was wearing off. They wouldn't give me a new painkiller until I was completely awake, so that was an uncomfortable hour or two. But then they gave me the good stuff.

Now, I'm on some sort of super-Advil, not a narcotic. There's a small amount of discomfort in the jaw, but that's it.

Dr. Narong is some kind of genius.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Albeit stateside, I, too, had a surprisingly uneventful encounter with wisdom tooth surgery. The situation was grim. I was in my thirties. My teeth were in various compounding states: one was impacted horizontally, another impacted vertically, and a third had recently recovered from a painful infection. I, too, chose the all-at-once option with general anesthesia.

I felt zero post-operative pain. I needed not even a single aspirin, which was a bit of a disappointment because I had asked for and received a prescription for some powerful pain pills that I knew from prior experience would make me sleep for at least two full days--and I was looking forward to the much needed time off work. But no, I was back in business the very next day. Damn you, genius oral surgeons!

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