Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good Schools For Me But Not For Thee

Bangkok, Thailand

Sandra Tsing Loh rips off a bloody scab of American politics:

Liberal Democrats who want to condemn other people's children to failing public schools on the grounds of "equality and diversity" have a habit of sending their own kids to private schools.

The comments are particularly instructive.

"But isn’t it enough that I vote for progressive politicians, and support high property tax rates that pay for our schools?"

"I am also a passionate Democrat, a believer in the common good and the importance of shared responsibility, but don’t believe I can sacrifice my children for a possible benefit, later down the road."

"The research you cite, that there is no ill effect on the middle class children schooled with poor children, does it account for the social effects, the lack of networking opportunities afforded both the upper middle income parents and their children, the students?" (Emphasis added.)

Social equality is great, but we can't let it interfere with Cody's networking opportunities.

The petty hypocrisy of these parents is funny, but it's also tragic. Democratic dogma opposes vouchers (by which I mean the returning of tax money to parents to use on the educational method of their choice) in even the worst-performing districts in the country.

These parents support a political party that wants to entrap kids in terrible schools -- other parents' kids.

And people say Republicans are selfish?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dooming a child to a substandard education is tantamount to molesting them. Repeatedly. For years. And will have a similarly damaging effect on their later life.

12:27 AM  

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