Friday, July 11, 2008

Demonstrations in Bangkok Demonstrate The Craft of Still Photography

And some people say photojournalim is dead, the one perfect moment unable to compete with hand-held camcorders and multimedia displays.

Hats off to photojournalist Chaiwat Subprasom for nailing the photo of this week's demonstrations in Thailand, and hats off to the Reuters editors who had the nerve to put an unconventional photo on the wire.

News is not dead.

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Blogger moi said...

That's a great photo, thank you for sharing! But who and where are these people who say photojournalism is dead? I work in a newsroom, and as far as I can tell, it's alive and kicking. Just look at the winning images at World Press Photo over the years! I think what's really dying is US newspapers and magazines (and possibly some other countries, I don't know; in India, where I work, print and other media are growing rapidly). In my years in the US, I met very few people who subscribed to a daily newspaper; they got their news from TV (well, what passes for news on TV), or the web. And the web is a terrible medium for photojournalism!

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