Thursday, May 15, 2008

"An Innocent European, Who Has Never Broken Laws, Committed Any Crimes, Or Overstayed His Visa, Is Being Held In A County Jail."

Sherman Oaks, California

Now we're imprisoning visitors from Italy for no coherent reason.

Judging from the New York Times article by Nina Bernstein, some Customs and Border Protection officers are falsely alleging that visitors to the U.S. have claimed asylum. Then the visitors -- whose real offense was probably contempt of cop -- are sent to the legal netherworld of alien processing.

When will U.S. citizens start protesting the thuggish behavior of our country's airport and border officers?

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Blogger moi said...

You're right that the issue deserves concern, of course, and I'm glad you think US citizens should start protesting such treatment of legitimate visitors. But I find truly offensive the New York Times' specific concern that this is now happening to visitors from the first world. It seems to suggest that this is somehow different, or more alarming, or less excusable than what's been happening (with perhaps greater frequency) to equally innocent people who happen to be from poorer countries, who perhaps have darker skins, or have Muslim or Hispanic names. Whether they are feared for being asylum-seekers or possible terrorists, there has to be some regard for due process.

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