Monday, April 14, 2008

The Lonely Planet Scandal: The Guidebook

Sherman Oaks, California

Writer Dude: "I broke all the Lonely Planet rules. I made up or copied my guidebooks, accepted comps, wrote the Colombia guide without visiting the country and sold drugs to make a living because LP pays so poorly."

Lonely Planet Global Domination Bunker: "Nope. False. Untrue. Trying to flak a book. Wrong. Our guides rock."

Writer Dude: "I'll back pedal a little."

Bloggers: "Who trusts guidebooks?"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again the old adage comes to life: you can't believe everything that you read. Now there's a guy who claims to have written for Lonely Planet while behind bars:’ve-been-writing-for-lonely-planet-while-behind-prison-bars/

10:44 PM  

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