Thursday, December 13, 2007

Edwin Maher: The State-Controlled Media Responds

Sherman Oaks, California

Apparently in response to the Los Angeles Times profile which I mentioned last week, China Daily, the English-language "newspaper" of the Chinese Communist Party, published a counter-profile of CCTV Channel 9 anchorman Edwin Maher.

They think Maher's a swell guy!

The bottom half of the article broaches the question of whether Maher is a propagandist. "You have to abide by the rules. If you don't like them, you get out," Maher said.

"But you can try within the parameters of the system and environment that the broadcasters operate to provide a better standard of news bulletin," he also said.

Please don't assume that this discussion of state control of news is representative of what is reported in the Chinese-language media. It is common for authoritarian regimes to allow greater freedom of expression in English-language media, because (1) it makes the regime seem more open-minded than it actually is and (2) most locals can't read English and those who can are usually invested in the regime.

(Flash of the Knife to ECS, Canada's second-most-talented expat. After Shatner, of course.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talking about propaganda, no one is better than the States. You have to admit that media control is almost everywhere and each broadcaster, private or nation-controled, may have its standpoint. I think Maher is right that we should try within the parameter.

5:23 AM  

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