Thursday, November 15, 2007

Good Reading Roundup

Sherman Oaks, California

-- An Igbo man living in Great Britain lists 19 reasons why he and his countrymen "marry from home," that is, return to Nigeria to seek wives rather than marry Westernized Igbo women. (Igbo bridal party pictured.)

-- Paul Graham's 2003 essay on Why Nerds Are Unpopular attempts to answer the question, "If high school nerds are so smart, why don't they use their big brains to become popular?"

-- The Washington Post details the poor conditions faced by Muslims in India, talk of the "world's largest democracy" notwithstanding. "Forty-eight percent of Muslims older than 46 can't read or write," Asra Q. Nomani reports.

-- Winston Wu's web site Happier Abroad does not puncture the stereotype that many Western expat men were losers back home, it embraces the notion and encourages underappreciated men to move abroad. "For the past few years, rather than live the typical American life of stress and isolation, I've traveled to fascinating sites, experienced exotic refined cultures, and made love and bonded with many gorgeous attractive women, with little money too!" Wu says, sounding like he cribbed his lines from a Tommy Vu infomercial. "I am LIVING PROOF that one can completely turn their life around by going abroad when things are futile, hopeless, and dead end in America." Good to know.

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Anonymous Michael Lantz said...

I heard that Winston Wu was a failure in Russia and Eastern Europe.I don't know how much of that was true.I heard it from others as well.The only thing I know is that he had a kid with a Filipino Bar Girl.

10:56 PM  

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