Sunday, June 17, 2007

BKK-CNX-BKK TG Y (That's Airline Nerd Talk For Bangkok To Chiang Mai, Roundtrip, On Thai Air, in Economy)

Bangkok, Thailand

Don’t I remember full meal service on these one-hour Thai Airways International flights between Bangkok and Chiang Mai? I think I do.

For economy passengers, those days are over, or maybe they’re on holiday in Pattaya for a few months. On both legs of this June 2007 jaunt to Thailand’s “second city,” in-flight food service consisted of a cardboard box containing (1) a sealed container of yellow fruit juice, (2) a white plastic cup for additional beverage service, and (3) exactly one plastic-wrapped food item. Flying north, the repast was a single curry puff; flying south, a small spiced coffee cake. “You have got to be kidding,” said an older British tourist as he opened his purple box of treat.

Flew a 777-300 up (tail number HS-TKD) in seat 32D, and a 777-200 down in seat 45C. On the 773, one of the lavatories had been converted into a telephone booth. No in-flight entertainment, other than the flight map. As usual on THAI, the flight attendants were friendly and diligent, and the cabins were clean, pleasant and purple.

The price was right. I booked the leg to Chiang Mai on Expedia for a published fare of US$99. I sauntered into the small C.M. airport at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night and grabbed a walk-up W fare of 1,755 baht (US$50.14) back to the big city.

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Blogger jussi apila said...

During low season it is not necessary to book hotels in advance in Thailand. You get better price when you go straight to some hotel. Of course Expedia and other trvael agencies must also take their comissions...

zebb from Helsinki, Finland

5:07 PM  

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