Saturday, May 19, 2007

Welcome, New Readers! Bookmark and Stay A While!

Hong Kong, China

The last two weeks have seen the highest readership levels in the history of Knife Tricks, so, if you're a new reader, welcome! Please add Knife Tricks to your bookmarks and visit every few days. In essence, I write about travel, politics, music, books and Things Of Interest To Paul.

A grateful flash of the knife to the news and travel sites which have mentioned my recents posts. Jaunted ran two funny notices, and L.A. Observed posted two serious ones.

Thanks also to Flyertalk's View From the Wing, The Flyertalk Trip Report Forum, Gridskipper, Helzerman's Odd Bits, North Korea Economic Watch, The SKS Boards, This World Traveler and WorldHum.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, thank you Paul for giving this 9-5'r a view of the world. Your writing is great and very informative. Hope you can stretch this gig out for a long time. The working world is exactly the same as it was when you left it. You should parlay this into a gig where you can inspire other burnt out lawyers/law students/cubicle denizens to follow their own adventure. I'm sure the law students will eat your story up (successful entertainment attorney going on adventures). Although the act of chucking it at and traveling is not original (as you said in your first post), it is what you bring to the adventure and your take on things that keeps us coming back. keep it up!

11:13 PM  

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