Thursday, August 17, 2006

Let's eat at Starbucks. Really.

It is one of the inner mysteries: Why is the food at Starbucks so bad?

There is a Starbucks in the building where I used to work. If I were eating dinner at my desk, I would try to hit the little deli before it closed at 5 or the kinda mini-mart before it closed at 6, because, after that, Starbucks was the only option.

The sandwiches were horrible. Bland egg or chicken salad on wimpy brown bread. Bacon as construction paper. Lifeless turkey sandwiches which were a chore to eat. All too small, unappetizingly packaged and overpriced.

Starbucks' Thailand partners have done a much better job of feeding their customers.

The Starbucks here have food you actually want to eat with reasonable sizes and prices. Want lunch? Savory quiche lorraine is $2, as is a ham and cheese sandwich on a croissant. If your tastes are more English than French, chicken pot pie is $1.50, as is the chicken curry puff. Want dessert? Tiramisu is $2.50. Just want something to munch with coffee? The muffins (smaller than their oversized U.S. cousins) are $1.50, and the biscotti is 80 cents.

There are more coffees on tap than in the U.S. A Thai Starbucks offers you a choice of more than one dozen coffees. The beans come from your choice of Latin America, Africa or Asia, straight up or as part of a blend.

If you eat or drink there, the hot stuff is served in white ceramic mugs, and the food comes on real plates. Why can't the U.S. branches do all of this?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But what would the folks at CSPI have to say about the Starbucks food? No doubt it is "food porn" in their alarmist view.

11:02 PM  

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