Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Induction, Dear Watson

Travelling is in part a process of observing large and small details and then making an inductive leap. An example.

Large details: American actress Selma Blair is the face of the Jaspal clothing stores. Massive posters of Ms. Blair dominate the Jaspal store at the local mall.

Small details: This particular Jaspal store is also dominated by a poster which reads "50% off." Although it's a weekend afternoon and the mall is packed, the store does not have a single customer in it.

Conclusion: Ms. Blair may want to have an "all hands" meeting with her people and re-think her East Asia branding strategy.


Blogger Dave Williams said...

Huh, Selma Blair?
Well, I guess she IS built like a 14-year-old boy...

4:13 PM  

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