Saturday, July 08, 2006

Five Easy Pieces

Guy Answering Phone: Jerry’s Deli.

Me: This is for delivery. I’d like a tripledecker number 9.

Guy: What’s that?

Me: [beat] Um, on the menu, there’s a section called “Tripledeckers,” and the sandwiches are numbered. On that list, I’ll take a number 9.

Guy: What’s on that sandwich?

Me: Roast beef and turkey and some toppings.

Guy: That’s not available.

Me: But you’re a deli.

Guy: It’s not available.

Me: Which of the tripledeckers are available?

Guy: Numbers 7, 8, 10 and 12.

Me: But the number 7 is roast beef, turkey and pastrami. It’s a number 9 with pastrami.

Guy: [silence]

Me: OK, tell you what, I’ll have a number 7 and then take off the pastrami. Is that OK?

Guy: Yes.

Me: Thank you.


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