Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I purchased four pairs of glasses, two regular glasses and two sunglasses. All prescription, since my eyes have deteriorated a little since my last exam five years ago. I am a collector of optical imperfections, being simultaeously near-sighted, far-sighted and astigmatic.

The top criterion was durability. One of the frames is made from titanium, and two from chrome. One of the sunglasses is shaded in black, the other in brown. One covers more surface area than the other. The road will decide which is more practical.

I went to the Optical Shop of Aspen on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, which is not a place to shop if you are looking for a deal.

Total bill: $2,263. Or $565.75 per pair. Or $188.58 per pair per year, assuming three years of wear.

Using the correct formula, any purchase can be justified as practical and thrify. See.


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