Saturday, March 25, 2006


Shutting down your life and taking it on the road requires preparation and tools. My principal tool is a child’s notebook emblazoned with the anthropomorphic mascot of the Seibu Lions, a Japanese baseball team. I bought the trinket at a game in Japan because the vendors at the Invoice Dome did not sell scorecards along with the hats, fish and vodka. (Seibu won the day 7-6, but the visiting Chiba Lotte Marines went on to win the 2005 Japan Series.)

Each page of the notebook is dedicated to a separate task or set of related tasks which need to be accomplished in order to travel for a year. The headings include "Rough Schedule," "U.S. Costs," "Mobile Phone," "Storage" and "Things To Route." The page for "Onward Ticket Requirements" is filled, while the page for "401(k) Rollover" is still blank. The list of "Things To Pack" is uncomfortably long, so maybe Ralph Lauren pajamas won’t make the cut.

My other primary tool is the internet, and I use it to answer the dozen questions which arise each day. What’s the longest tourist visa I could realistically obtain? (India, 10 years). Can I bring a six-month supply of prescription opiates into Thailand? (Yes.) Is it true that Laos and Vietnam have laws against the local women spending the night with foreigners? (Regrettably so.) Because of these two tools, I am able to get a lot accomplished.


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Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

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